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Defence Industrial Corridor

2021 AUG 2

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Why in news

  • Tamil Nadu and UP government has acquired land for defence industrial corridor

What is Defence Industrial Corridor?

  • The Central Government has established two Defence Industrial Corridors (DICs) in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
  • These defence corridors will facilitate a well-planned and efficient industrial base that will lead to increased defence production in the country.
  • The corridors overlap with existing defence public sector companies, and aim to ensure connectivity among various defence industrial units.


  • The establishment of the DICs aims at providing a fillip to the defence manufacturing ecosystem through synergistic development of technologies, promote the growth of private domestic manufacturers, including MSMEs and Start-Ups.  
  • Defence Industrial Corridors will catalyse indigenous production of defence and aerospace-related items, thereby reducing our reliance on imports and promoting exports of these items to other countries. 


Defence Industrial Corridors are located in which among the following states in India?

(a) Uttar Pradesh- Karnataka

(b) Uttar Pradesh- Tamil Nadu

(c) Rajasthan- Tamil Nadu

(d) Gujarat- West Bengal