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2023 OCT 17

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Why in news?

  • The Indian Navy Ship (INS) SUMEDHA has made a port call to Nigeria to improve existing bilateral relations as well as security in the Gulf of Guinea.

About Gulf of Guinea

  • The Gulf of Guinea is a large body of water located in West Africa along the Atlantic Ocean. It is situated on the western coast of Africa, and it spans several countries. It is bordered by countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin and Ghana.
  • The Gulf of Guinea is a region of strategic importance due to its rich offshore oil and gas reserves. It is a major contributor to the global energy supply.
  • The Gulf of Guinea has been a hotspot for piracy, particularly off the coast of Nigeria. Piracy and maritime security issues have posed challenges for the safety of vessels and crews in the region.
  • Null Island, defined as the intersection of the Equator and Prime Meridian (zero degrees latitude and longitude) is in the gulf.
  • Among the many rivers that drain into the Gulf of Guinea are the Niger and the Volta.



How many of the following countries border with Gulf of Guinea?

  1. Democratic Republic of Congo
  2. Egypt
  3. Cameroon
  4. Kenya

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

(a) Only one

(b) Only two

(c) Only three

(d) All the four