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Karakoram Anomaly

2022 JUL 21

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Why in news?

  • Recently, a study investigated why glaciers in the Karakoram Range of Central-South Asia have not been as affected by Climate Change as others.
  • They have attributed this phenomenon called Karakoram Anomaly to the recent revival of Western Disturbances (WDs).

About Karokoram Anomaly:

  • The ‘Karakoram Anomaly’ is termed as the stability or anomalous growth of glaciers in the central Karakoram, in contrast to the retreat of glaciers in other nearby mountainous ranges of Himalayas and other mountainous ranges of the world.

About Karakoram:

  • The Karakorams are part of a complex of mountain ranges at the centre of Asia, including the HinduKush to the west, the Pamirs to the northwest, the Kunlun Mountains to the northeast, and the Himalayas to the southeast.
  • The Karakorams cover parts of Afghanistan, China, India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.


Add ons:

  • Himalayan glaciers are of paramount importance in the Indian context, especially for the millions of dwellers living downstream who rely on these perennial rivers for their day-to-day water needs.
  • They are fast receding under the impacts of global warming, and stifling stress on the water resources is inevitable in the coming decades.


The termKarakoram Anomaly’ is widely discussed in news recently. Its impact is

(a) Retreat of glaciers in Karakoram

(b) Increased rainfall in Karakoram

(c) Decreased rainfall in Karakoram

(d) Growth of glaciers in Karakoram