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Online flood reporting system in Assam

2021 MAY 21

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Why in news?

  • An online flood reporting and information management system was launched in Assam, which faces severe deluge every year.

About the system:

  • The online system was developed jointly by Assam State Disaster Management Agency and UNICEF and will replace the existing manual flood control mechanism.
  • Managing floods is a critical administrative function as it involves multiple departments and stakeholders.
  • The current practice of flood reporting passes through a time-consuming manual verification and quality control system.
  • Daily flood reporting between May 15 and October 15 has been made mandatory in Assam.
  • Driven by web-cum-mobile application technology, the new system will help delivery of relief and rehabilitation grants to flood-affected people.
  • The digital initiative will facilitate tracking of damages to crops and loss of livestock and also help provide financial assistance for restoration.
  • Assam government is the first state to adopt the digital reporting system that will capture critical impact indicators during floods.
  • The digital system will enable information feeding at the source, immediate alert-based verification at defined levels and automatic compilation.

Prelims Question

Which of the following states have launched an online flood reporting and information management system in cooperation with UNICEF?

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